Bylaws of OneMore Cooperative (

Article I: Name and Purpose

  1. The name of this cooperative shall be OneMore, committed to sustainable practices and biodiversity in agriculture, forestry, and hunting (
  2. The purpose is to unite farmers, foresters, and hunters for mutual support and ecological balance.

Article II: Membership

  1. Membership is open to individuals engaged in agriculture, forestry, or hunting, promoting sustainable practices.
  2. Members pledge to adopt practices that enhance biodiversity, support ecological balance, and contribute positively to the environment.

Article III: Governance

  1. Cooperative decisions are made collectively, with representation from different sectors.
  2. Governance roles may be established for effective coordination and communication.

Article IV: Finances

  1. Voluntary financial contributions support cooperative initiatives aligned with sustainable practices.
  2. Transparent financial management ensures fair allocation and use of funds for collective benefit.

Article V: Collaboration

  1. Members commit to collaboration for the promotion of sustainable agriculture, forestry, and hunting practices.
  2. Partnerships with external entities are welcomed, provided they align with cooperative goals.

Article VI: Dissolution

  1. Dissolution requires consensus, and assets, if any, shall be used for environmental initiatives or donated to related causes.

These proposed bylaws provide a framework for the governance, collaboration, and financial aspects of VertiRoute and OneMore cooperatives. The specifics can be further tailored based on the needs and aspirations of the respective cooperatives.