Calculator of Enculturation

Instrumental (Ie) skills compared to subordinance to institutions (Io) and market potential of global brands (b) are evaluated. Ie_Io_b_delivery should be improved according to trained options of testimonials (T) and movement (M) development. The the better your Ie_Io_b_delivery the more passive followers (F). The more F begins to train Ie_Io_b_delivery the higher number of developers (M). 

It is not easy to reach Ie independence as we all are Io educated and we love b. Therefore, acculturation need to be trained previously to get Ie skills

Calculator of acculturation

Calculator of Acculturation

Ability to ask unbiased questions (Q) changing attitudes (A) are calculated. Firstly, different roles are practiced in pre-defined situation. Secondly, own Ie performance is monitored.  Understandable, first trial gets not high Ie. Therefore, Ie performance of practiced roles is gradually increasing through conformance to delivery, from delivery to flexibility and from flexibility to productivity certificate. Reaching this level results, position, sources and its values may be entered to calculator of enculturation. Recently, calculator of acculturation is only in Czech language waiting for translation to other languages depending on your interest.

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