While vision is future and outward oriented the mission is inward oriented describing what members and participants promised to do to reach the vision.

Mission Statement: "We, as a collaborative community, are committed to advancing sustainable practices, fostering biodiversity, and leveraging ethical considerations in the realms of chemical balance, genetic modification, and horizontal gene transfer (HGT). Our mission is to collectively contribute to the greater good of humanity by exploring innovative solutions that harmonize with nature, promote ecological resilience, and create a positive impact on global ecosystems."

Vision Statement: "Envisioning a world where scientific collaboration transcends borders, our vision is to be a driving force for positive change in agriculture, environmental management, and beyond. Through voluntary contributions and international collaboration, we aspire to pioneer breakthroughs in sustainable practices, harness the power of biodiversity, and adhere to the highest ethical standards in the deployment of chemical, HGT, and GMO tools. Our united efforts aim to shape a future where humanity and the natural world coexist harmoniously, fostering a legacy of responsible innovation for generations to come."